Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day #11 Hear my plea...

    Today my day started with a Mercy ME - "you're the one that conquers shut the mouths of the walk through are  I AM! "....

Wonderful worship song.
Wonderful way to start the day.  Singing and letting everything else be tuned out - would help me to focus on HIM and begin to pray.

When I was in a crisis point in my life, within my marriage, within my family, I prayed.
Reading God's word and turning them into prayers was something that brought GREAT comfort.
Great comfort.

I am in a season of prayer for some sisters in Christ.
You may have happened to come upon this blog site and are reading this just because or maybe the Holy Spirit led you here - as HE wishes to speak to you.

The past few days, there has been a more INTENSE determination on my part to seek JESUS and HIS healing for one particular sister in Christ.

The following prayer and plea is inspired by Psalm 17.
David wrote most of the psalms...he  had been to hell and back and God says he was a man after HIS own heart.  David sinned big time, and he was forgiven and redeemed.

I take comfort in that.

- In HIM, michelle

Today's prayer is as follows:

 Oh Lord, Hear my righteous plea, listen to my cry, give ear to my prayer - it does not rise from deceitful lips.  May my vindication come from you, may your eyes see what is right. 
Oh God, it seems he wants to slander me, oh God it seems he can't trust me. I need to know that YOU do Lord, My faith is weak and so new, so fragile.  Lord, the godly you have had speak to me.....they are so sure you are here...but I am not sure, I mean, I want to believe - show me.  Lord, would you gently please begin to correct in me what needs to be corrected, but please connect with me in a way that I can see and believe is real.  Lord, I am so ashamed at times, I have been told you have forgiven  but, I want to make sure of that, I mean....this is so new.
 Oh Lord, Though you probe my heart and examine me at night, though you test me, you will find nothing, I  have resolved that my mouth will not sin.
But God, they have not.  Lord, he has not kept his mouth from sin.  I don't understand it - it was not done on purpose.  I want it to stop, please Lord - why is this so hard?  I have sinned - I know, but how long must I be reminded.  
As for the deeds of man, by the word of your lips, I have held to your paths, my feet have not slipped since I have cried to you. So as I call upon you, will you answer me...give ears to my prayer.  Show the wonder of your great love to me, you who save by your right hand...those who take refuge in your from their foes.  Keep me the apple of your eyes, hide me in the shadow of your wings, from the wicked who assail me.  
Oh Lord, please close his callous tongue, please help me forgive myself...and him...and them.  Lord, open his eyes to see the sin and pain that he caused. I will accept the consequences of my choices, but I don't understand why he does not stop.  
Lord, I need healing in a big way, I don't see and feel it Lord, but I will trust it will come.Lord, I forgive.  I am trying my best.  Lord, the song says YOU shut the mouths of the lions....please do.  Please don't leave me like I said, I am fragile.  
Amen.     - your daughter...

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