Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day #18 ....a heart crusher

Today I laughed a bunch and even cried a tear as one of my students blogged about his broken heart.  His poem was called ...'the heart crusher'.    It was his first girlfriend.. .....she broke up with him......he was crushed......

He did not do his am work, he did not do his math, he would not stick with us when we were discussing the Tropicana Speech Unit, but he blogged when he could and wrote, edited, and wrote more.

He blogged his feelings and did a great job.  I can't really make it public, it will hurt her feelings.  But, getting that on the computer - validated his broken heart.   We spoke about her feelings, and after I said a few times that she probably would be embarrassed, he told me to delete it - as he still cares about her.

Young love.

God cares for us.
So often we have such YOUNG love for God.
If he does not DO what I expect or want....if HE does not answer the prayer in my time, many of us just get our hearts crushed and give up or give in.

My heart was so YOUNG for a LONG time.  I think it has matured a bit - a little bit I would say.
I know that no matter what - God is holding my heart.

There are many this eve that have their hearts being crushed, were crushed, or will be crushed..
by husbands, lovers, friends....and family....

However, HE knows.

Only HE can heal that crushed heart.  When I spoke to my student today about God healing his heart ...he commented, "oh there you go again about the bible".  I had to remind myself I teach in a public school....I gave him a hug before he left  - he knows his crushed heart will pass.

Back to the crushed heart -

If your heart has been crushed and it has not been healed yet...please know...God will heal it.
Seek HIM ....ask HIM to come into your heart if you have never done that before...
Once that has happened, you will begin to feel HIS presence.
Don't get discouraged if nothing will.

Lord,  you are the ONLY one that can really heal a crushed heart.
Lord, this prayer is VERY short this eve...simple -- YOU have to be in that my heart...and all about the that YOUR love can penetrate.

Lord, I pray that anyone reading this...that their heart is being healed by YOU.
One of my favorite movies...this man loved his wife with all of his heart...but GOD loves us even more than that!!!   

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