Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day Number Two....40 days of prayer.

Romans 12.12...the verse says be joyful in  hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12.13 says....Share with the Lord's people who are in need.  Practice hospitality.

Lord, today as I felt the EXTREME panic of FCAT around the corner....and my students seem to know NOTHING.......I sit here this eve and go ...what?   Lord, I have done my best.  CRAMMING last minute reminders will help a few, frustrate others and just wear me me Lord to ease up these last two 'boot camp' days before the weekend and then we start.

LORD, I want each of my students to do their personal best cause I know they can...if they want to - LORD...make them want to.

Lord, I am trying to be 'hope' for a few.....I can and I am claiming victory for several.  Others Lord, I want to claim victory for but I am not 'feeling' it...OH God...LET me claim victory always.  Lord, I know what it means to be patient in affliction....however in the time of my 'most' affliction -- it was VERY hard to be patient.  Very hard.  Lord,  help her patient....Lord, help her be patient....Lord, help her be patient.....and God, may they hear the hope and see some.....

Lord, I pray that I will remain faithful in prayer and for the Secret Sisters that I have 'tagged' in this...Oh Lord, that they would be faithful in prayer too -- seeking you and BEGGING you to answer....may they be specific and then thank you for what you will do.

Lord, I want to share with YOUR people but I also want to be a light...Lord, help me practice hospitality...even tonight when my hubby and I visited another...I was not too ...hospitable and Brendan called me out on it.  Thank you Lord, that I held my tongue.  Thank you Lord.  Thank you Lord...

Thank you Lord.

Lord, today is Day #2...I have felt called to pray and post for several sisters in Christ that I can name...but also for the ones who are called to read, as I close, I thank you for today, I thank you for dying for me, I thank you for your love...

Lord, I trust you. I am willing to be joyful in the middle of the pain...and I will stand in the gap for another...

Lord, for her hurting heart....comfort her.
Lord, for her heart that is confused and there is just too much MUCK and MIRE right now between the both of them.....may your LOVE conquer that.
Lord, for that one who asked for guidance..
Lord, for the one who is seeking WHAT to do..
Lord, for the one who moved to NY this week...and starts her new job tomorrow...OH God - bless her so.
Lord, for the one who is submitting and allowing the trust to rebuild..
Lord, for the one who is running and won't allow her pride to..well, she must seek repentance.....
Lord, for the one who is breaking her daughter's heart...
Lord, for the one who is about to give birth..

Lord, for the ones in my cell group - meet needs, bless, comfort, and heal...
Lord, for the church family and continue healing for Christoper...
Lord, for me...I just need you too -- as much as ever.

Lord, you WIN...YOU shelter me from so much.
Thank you --

And Lord, for Trace...healing in that body - as cancer is NOT going to take her from her four children...I believe there will be healing there too -- AMEN.

Until tomorrow...

And PS....HELP the kids -- help them see the important of doing their best for their OWN worth....amen!

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