Monday, April 15, 2013

Day #7 ....what a day...

I woke up this am, in prayer for another and quickly typed in a prayer to her privately.
I prayed MUCH of the day because we were doing FCAT and I just get to sit and watch the walls move....
I prayed for this one and that one...
I prayed for myself, as ANGER wanted to grip me because of 'his' actions and 'his' actions...mind you - I was not angry at my husband!
As I have said, this 40 days of prayer is for several women of God that HE has brought to pray for.

Several weeks or months ago, I watch Francis Chan make the statement, "I have been extremely challenged"....." as I have been making disciples".     I understood that comment.  Our my church, we have a motto...we are making disciples that make disciples....

Being a servant of God, being used by HIM takes time and it takes much prayer.
I am honored and humbled that God has placed some beautiful people within my reach to pray for and pray with.  I am honored.

But tonight - I place ALL of them at HIS feet and stop to pray for the MANY injured and hurt in Boston - again, just one event can make everyone realize......

This is NOT our world.
This world is underwritten by the Enemy and HE continues to stir up strife, and if he is not doing is the consequences of fallen man.

Tonight, there is a sister of a dear one that lives in Boston.
Tonight there is a daughter of a friend that lives there.
Tonight there are mother's that are grasping for hope to hear from family and hovering over a hospital bed due to injuries.
Tonight there are ones in a hospital bed - so in shock that tomorrow, they will need some real therapy to accept what transpired today.
Tonight, there is a guilty party -- that needs to confess to a crime.

So much Lord.
So much Lord.

Lord, thank you for answered prayer today.
Thank you for the smile on her face, even in the middle of much YUCK.
Thank you for the Publix conversation.
Thank you for  the visit this eve and more answered prayer.

Lord, Thank you!

Lord, there are still hurting ones, Lord, there is a woman in pain, Lord, there is a young mother that needs direct answers and there is a family that needs restoring.  Lord, there are many more needs -- but YOU know what and where and when....YOU are the God that placed the stars in the heavens  and YOU are the one that can heal and redeem.  Lord, thank you for today. Lord, give each of them rest this tomorrow will be a new day.  Lord, YOU win. Amen.

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