Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Desperate Prayers #7

I will try and be short  -- LOL.

I have come to the conclusion on something - someone.  God.  HE is Good.  I mean, I know that I am humbled and I can come to tears when I think about the sin that Jesus saved me from.....

But, the CHARACTER of God.....

I have heard preachers preach - I have read sermons - and I have taught and sat under super teaching -- all of which ...pointed to and reminded me that GOD is Good. 

But now -- or at least within the past 2-3 months, when circumstances have happened, or women have come to me with prayer requests ....instead of thinking..."Gosh Lord -- what or how and thinking and believing that event or circumstance ...just might 'have to' happen cause it LOOKS like it "--- 

I have found myself proclaiming ....yep..I am going to say it ..."hell no!".  "Satan, you are not going to win!"  Please forgive the word hell....I am trying to place some  emphasis  here.....how strong this woman ( me)  is desperately seeking for a REVERSAL of destiny....  ( I will blog about that in a few days.....)  and well -- my flesh still wants to doubt, but God has GIVEN me numerous reminders and occasions where miracles have occurred and I know that I know -- GOD wins.   So...I am not going to doubt. 

Ok....  Back in August -- the beginning of the month to be exact, a woman on our prayer thread asked for prayer.  A co-worker's mom was ill, she found out she was pregnant and did not know Jesus.  My dear prayer warrior and friend witnessed, encouraged, and did the hard thing about speaking out and encouraging the  woman NOT to go through the abortion.  Anyway....  We all prayed.  It has been two months.  There were a few updates and more turmoil for this woman...her mother passed away and recently she lost her job.  In the meantime,  my friend knew....she had planted seed, but she had to just leave it to God.  And it looked pretty certain that the women went  through the abortion.  We praised God another angel child was in heaven.... and we prayed for the mom who was in such bondage ....as we all believed God still was drawing this woman near. 

Last night - guess what -- that lady NEVER had the abortion. 

Have you seen WAR Room?  I did the Miss Clara dance all over my cottage.  My friend --the one who witnessed to her -- I know she danced.....but  GOD won. 

When it certainly seemed like it was hopeless and well....
Desperate prayers. 

I wanted to GET this OUT there on the blog - to encourage at least ONE person today --

Do not give up....!!!!

God wins!  

Lord, thank you.  In Jesus name, amen. 

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