Sunday, October 4, 2015

My dearest child.......

Dear beloved....blessed, chosen, accepted, adopted, redeemed and forgiven --

I want to you to trust me, when it feels like your life is increasingly out of control, thank Me.  Thanking me is a supernatural response and it will lift you above your circumstances.    I have been watching you -- you may think it has only been the past 6 months....but I have been on your side since I formed you in the womb.  I knew when you would walk, I knew when you would be picked on, I knew when your brother would dissappoint you and I knew how you looked up to your sister -   ( Psalm 139.2).  I even sat next to you in that 8th grade classroom, I felt the pain as well that day and that year. 

As I have said, I want you to rise above the circumstances and allow a supernatural response.  I want your unfailing trust and love and my heart has been rejoicing as in the past several weeks....I have watched and welcomed home a child.  ( Psalm 139)  It  is true, I knew you would be here at this time -- but in MY time, glory comes.  I am not distant -- you feel me often and I am not angry with you  -- You are my righteous child - created new when you repented and sought my forgiveness...You are forgiven!  ( I John 4.16) It is my desire to lavish my love on you.  ( I John 3.7)

You are beating yourself up right now, but don't.  Don't put Jesus back up on that Cross, He died one time for ALL of your sins.  And, He is interceding for you.  He knows, your heart and He is your biggest cheerleader.  He knows, that every good gift comes from Me. ( James 1.17)  I have heard your cries, I can feel your pain and as you reach out to me and count on My Word to comfort you my stripes you are healed.  I love you so much - ( Jer31.1) and my thoughts are countless as the sand on the seashore! ( Psalm 139)

Presently, it would appear that the desire of your heart seems impossible - I am the God of the impossible.  I won't stop doing good for you - ( Jerm 32.40) and you are my treasured possession.  ( Ex. 19.5) I desire to establish you with all of my heart and all of my soul.  ( Jer 32.41)  You are seeking me and you are finding me - in every moment.  ( Deut 37.4) So delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart!  ( Psalm 37.4)  as it is I who will give you those desires.  ( Phil. 2.13) 

Your husband can't be Hosea to You.  He can act like Hosea -- but I am your redeemer.  I am his redeemer too.  He is brokenhearted, so are you ....but I am close to the brokenhearted, and I am close to you.  ( Psalm 34.18)    Draw close to me and I will draw closer to you.  The tears you sow in pain, will reap in rewards.  As it says in my word, I am fighting for you , you need only be still.  I heard you tell another that today ..... that when you got still before Me - you could hear Me.  All of heaven rejoiced when you realized what Satan had done -- but no more.  No BUTS about it....  nothing is impossible and I want you to trust me - always giving thanks to Me the Father for everything, in the name of Jesus.  As you give thanks, as you walk in this season in obedience....I promise to take care of you, Hold you and be the husband you so desire.  However, until I release You.... ( which I won't) please note ...I am doing the same for him.  He will come to see that nothing can separate us from my love ...and that what God has put together -- let no man or woman tear it apart. 

Trust me.  I know you are my child.  I am watching over you and I am planning a big party in heaven for when we all will be together.  Hang in there -- no excuses....  Your destiny has been reversed.  Like a dog on point ....I have picked you up and changed the course of direction -- nothing is by accident.  I love You ----- God

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