Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nothing is TOO difficult for me! - Desperate Prayer #8

BEHOLD, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is anything too difficult for me?    Jeremiah 32.27

Is anything  too difficult - NO!

I have seen a  broken heart healed.
I have seen a broken family restored.
I have watched a person that loved God harden his heart.
I have felt like really hurting another physically, yet God granted me mercy and kept me still.
I have felt the Holy Spirit tell me another would be healed and now the medical records agree! 
I  have been so panic struck  that I wanted to literally KILL something - and HE protected me.
I have been in situations where the Holy Spirit took over my voice box and I know that I know God spoke through me.
I have felt like the only hope was going to heaven......and He comforted.
I have been lied too - believed I was not good enough in God's eyes.
I believed lies cause I did not understand who I was in Christ.
I have seen miracles of healing happen right in front of my eyes.
I have seen women trust God and rebuke anti-anxiety medication and become free of pill!  
I have seen others release baggage from YEARS of pain and hurt and be set free.
I have prayed with a young woman and watched how God's grace and mercy overcame her - and she was able to forgive a man that abused her.
I have been forgiven and redeemed.
I have been adopted by God and my name is in the Lamb's book of life.

And most recently - I have seen how God used my own pain and circumstance to teach another to show grace and mercy and to forgive .....and it brought forth SO much blessing.   

I share all of that -- cause I realize that GOD can do anything....HE saved me.

Nothing is too difficult.

If you read my blogs, you know I often remind myself that I am so blessed.  And  humbled!!   God  has brought several  to me in the past few months that need to know -- GOD can do anything.
God did not save me -- for me to sit by idle and keep quiet.
God did not do a miracle within my family for me to sit by idle and keep quiet.
Satan will be defeated ...we ALL know he will be in the end, but until he is cast into that Lake of Fire -- he is doing everything within his power and with his 1/3 of the fallen angels to STEAL, KILL, and destroy.  If you don't believe this -- your head must be in the sand.  

I have said it before -- I think that sometimes, women give up and give in too soon.  Even men do this and divorce comes and many believe this is the better outcome.

From personal experience and LOTS of counsel -- the problems one is trying to get away from don't go away -- it will follow you -- satan is lying if he is telling you that 'things will be better with someone new'. 

I believe also, that when there is true forgiveness....there is no bitterness or malice or using the children to manipulate.  So many of us are so guilty of this.   It hurts.  I saw it again last night - on Dancing with the a BackStreet boy is broken -- cause his family was /is broken.  

Our actions have consequences.  yes.   But our obedience brings rewards.  

God's will IS to restore.
God's will is for families to be whole.
God's will is for a marriage to be fixed, redeemed, and made new.

I personally don't believe that God 'releases' people.  Men or Women.  I know it says in the bible that "if adultery is are legal to divorce".

Poppy cock.  Believe me, I struggled  but God clearly told me - show grace and mercy.

And I got to thinking ....  So, yes, maybe you can't forgive something -- but the bible says that unforgiveness will keep you from heaven.

And what about all ones that maybe don't actually have 'sex' with another but lust over photos,  or maybe commit adultery within their hearts.  In God's eyes - THAT is still sin -- as 'big' as the one who actually had sex with another man's wife.  Furthermore,  if we are involved with a married man, even when they are on the road to divorce -- this is not HIS will as well.  If we are really listening to the Holy Spirit -- it will bear witness. 

I won't say it is 'easy'.  Restoration can only come when one has godly sorrow which leads to repentance and then....restoration and healing can come. And that free will thing in there. 

I hated free will.
I love free will.
I hate free will.
I love free will. 

One of the most important lessons the therapist reminded me of almost EACH time we met for over a year as we were doing the HARD part of reconciliation... is that... "do you want your husband to write you a note cause he wants to ...or cause you  quilted him in doing it?"  And I think of God.... for 38 years...I only had 'devotion' for HIM cause that was what I was suppose to do...not because I wanted to be HIS  Bride. 

Are you loving God that much?  Are you willing to be HIS Bride and not His date?  Affairs, porn...addiction...are all SYMPTOMS of greater problems -- period.  No one should say ...God did this. 

God does not bring you pill.
God does not provide the 'perfect' person to come into your life when your marriage is falling.
I don't believe God releases you from a marriage -- I believe God can bring beauty out of the ashes of your choices -- but there will be judgement with HIM at that Cross.  
God does not 'allow' young people to live together before they get married to TRY it out or share expenses.     There are consequences for all of our actions. 
God does not pour the drink.
God did not drive you to the clinic to have a quick fix because you had a 'rough' weekend and now there is a life inside of you.  

God did not 'hit' or slander you into doing something -- wrong.  
You did -- influenced by Satan - pure evil.  

Just stating facts.  

But PRAISE God - there is NO Condemnation in Christ Jesus.  
Fall to HIM...and then...the clean up can begin. 

And please,   I am NOT condemning....I realize that a miracle occurred within our family.  But in some families peace only comes when a mom and dad separate.  It is hard.  God can bring beauty out of those ashes.  I have seen it.

 Unfortunately, we can not control the free will of another.  Even God gave us Free will.

Free will sucks when you are a wife - desperate to 'save' a marriage.

However,  free will is  beautiful when that marriage is restored and the wife knows....he is back home and not because he was manipulated to do so -- because it was his free will to work at a marriage, to honor a commitment, and to seek God and HIS will.  

Life stinks.  We were not promised bliss -- we were promised much, but as the verse goes, it rains on the just and unjust -  - the bottom line is that
WHEN we are brokenhearted --when there is something missing within our lives -- when we have idols that fill our lives - the only proper thing that can FILL that missing part - ---
               the only proper person that can truly  heal us ---
the only way we can see and believe that Nothing is TOO difficult for God -- is IF we TRUST HIM.

Our trust has to be in God.

Jeremiah 17. 5-6 says:
Cursed is the one who trusts in man , who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord.  He will be like a bush in the wastelands, he will not see prosperity when it comes and he will dwell in the parched places of the desert.

Jeremiah 17. 7-8:
Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.  He will be like a tree planted near water, he does not fear when fire comes and there are no worries of drought!

As my sister and my mom will say, "everyone has their own path and journey".  I on the other hand agree but I want to SPEED it up .....
I have 'healed pain'...which in some sense is wisdom.  I know it really took me a LONG time to understand that I did not trust God.  I had idols.  Many.  It took me a long time to understand that I COULD not depend on man ....or my flesh for strength as -- that died.  That idol had to be 'killed'.

It was only when I took that leap of faith and told my self OVER and OVER and OVER....that God was going to win.  God would take PERFECT care of me and God would make sure -- I was going to be fine.

Then...something changed.

How does this look like to the outside world?

You would of seen me writing down scripture  upon scripture verse  in my spiral in my purse.
You would of seen me alone in my bedroom, pacing and singing to the TOP of my lungs to some very specific Christian music that spoke life.
You would see me talking to God - often in my mirror -- even shaking my fist at God -- and then seeking HIS forgiveness as I was just trying to make some sense of stuff.  God knew I was mad at Him -- so speaking it and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak back at me......was therapy.
I did bible studies -- I totally recommend Kay Arthur's "heal my hurts".
I called a few Christian friends that let me vent and then they'd pray.
I would fall asleep with my bible tucked under my blanket.
I read and reread Psalms and wrote and wrote prayers for me, for my kids..and others.
I posted scripture on Facebook that SPOKE to me that day and soaked up any wisdom that my Christian sister's  would post on my wall.
I went to church - anytime the doors were open -- seeking prayer...worshiping...crying...and believing that stuff would eventually be ok.
I would pray and speak out WHAT I wanted from God and remind God of His promises to me.
I read book upon book - that spoke of God's promises and helped me deal with my hurt.
I kept busy.
I also paid attention to others that I could pray for  and encourage.

Why am I sharing all of this tonight -- ????

I am encouraging a new friend --
I am encouraging another  -- as when I sought help, reading WHAT other women of faith did....reading other 'success' stories....blessed me and gave me HOPE.

So I pray this blog Post this that one HOPE.
I also pray it ministers to another -- God is THAT big.

He may of directed a TOTAL stranger to this sight -- I believe He restored me and redeemed us -- cause HE wants us to let others know -- NOTHING is too difficult for HIM!


I love you Lord.

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