Thursday, October 1, 2015

Desperate Prayers #4

Today is the first Day of October. 
I am reminded of Breast Cancer awareness  --  and of the many 3 day, 60 mile walks I have been a part of.  When I started doing those walks in 2005, I had no one 'close' to me dealing with breast cancer -- since then.....I have. 

It will be 2 years next month when my childhood friend went to be with Jesus and left behind a husband and three children. 

Recently, a dear woman  lost her mother to cancer - breast cancer was only one of the cancers she had.

As the FB profile photos change, several are posting photos of lost loved ones.

I myself have the bug again to participate in the Susan G. Komen walk for the Cure  - raising the $2600 is the factor that has me pray and question my fund raising efforts.

And in the past few days,  a young 4th grader signed up and decided to walk for a cure - for her grandpa - he has Alzheimers.  

Desperate prayers. 

These 40 days of prayers that I am posting each day -- have a focus -- I am desperate or another is .
There is a focus on marriage, as it is being attacked. 
But for whatever reason and for whatever cause --  prayer is our strategic arsenal  to fight.

So, tonight -- I am just going to cry out -- some desperate and personal prayers - period.  I have asked God and the Holy Spirit to give me a clever ananlogy today or even a short story.....and nothing. 

"Just pray Michelle" -- so I am . 

Lord, YOU will win.  Lord, bind the enemy away from those loved ones around me seeking answers so desperately.  Lord, I pray they realize that no matter what -- it is YOU that is needed.  When you are first....other stuff does work itself out.  

Lord, earlier this week, I felt attacked cause of a 'fire'.....I thank you, as You worked everything out and provided but I failed to pray for the other roommate and family that don't have renter's insurance and they too have to replace basic needs....forgive me Lord, I pray that there is provision for him.  

Lord, for a desperate wife that WANTS her marriage -- she is not the only one...I WANT this marriage to survive....I have claimed life for it...I have looked into her eyes and reminded her that YOU win and with faith, miracles happen......don't let me down Lord.  I know you won't, as I trust you, but she may not be as trusting -- yet...but she will.  

Lord, for another desperate wife that WANTS her marriage -- however, a miracle is needed.  I thought and thought about that at first and found myself, saying..."oh Lord, can you work in this?"....and I was convicted at the spot - -- YES, YOU are at work.  Lord,  open his eyes.  Protect her while she waits...and give her hope.  

Lord, for the shooting victims in Oregon and their families....all around the world, evil hard as it is - may everyone involved draw closer to you.  

Lord, for the one making a big deal about Joyce M. this really bothered me and yet, YOU fight the battles for her and for me.  I do believe she, Joyce, has done great and mighty things within and through Your name....but let anyone who hears her, their pastor on Sunday, their priest on TV..whomever...that each and everyone of us is SO close to you, we forgive the 'humanness' but call out the false prophet -- as we know, each of us can be that 'false' at time.s  

Lord, for the Sweet Pea - 
Lord, for the unspoken request - 
Lord, for the daughter that is struggling to be away from home for the first time at college -- Lord, fill her head with sweet dreams and remind her -- she is loved.  

Lord, for the ones convicted of sin this eve...may the enemy be bound away from them and may then BEGIN to now act in faith and allow you to clean them up  -- Lord, that you will always be the One we turn to.  

Lord, for the students within my 4 walls -- may they see Jesus in me each day. 
Lord, for the ones I drive each day -- use our time.
Lord, for the upcoming continued training for our next Encounter and for the women and leaders attending....YOU must show up Lord - take over.  Empty me of me...fill me of YOU. 

Lord, for the hurting one this eve -- 

Lord, comfort  -- 
Lord, for my dear pal that is still not quite back to her healthy self ...and her husband...I want healing!  

Lord, there is more --  but I guess the MOST desperate one this ME...MY plea....I want to claim victory IN every situation.  

Lord, I want to be desperate for Your approval and Your love at every moment and every minute of my life.  I will trust that YOU will work everything for my good - as I seek You.  

And I know YOUR word says that the fervent prayer of a righteous one - avails much -- 

So, with tears in these eyes -- help Lilly fight a disease and within HER lifetime -- cure Alzheimers!  

Lord, for me --USE me Lord ........ I am a bit weary with just lack of sleep -- and I will be needy this eve -- send me a bone.  IN Jesus name...amen. 

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