Wednesday, October 28, 2015

...the SANDY factor --

Sandy is a lady that taught me something.  

The FIRST SANDY is my mom. She has taught me MANY things...from how to sew on a button  to how to darn a sock.  YeS....I can darn a sock!  And My MOM is probably the BEST cheerleader I have.  I have blogged about my MOM before --and I love her dearly, but this post is about another Sandy.  

The SANDY FACTOR refers to another Sandy. Sandy #2.  

Let me explain.  In my pain and pathetic state almost five  years  ago, I would drag my  butt to church and each Sunday walk up for prayer, cry, break down, and believe  THAT God was going to heal and restore my family.  It became a regular thing.  I was pathetic....I grabbed at the people who were showing me hope.   Some Sundays I just could not walk back to my pew and stayed sitting there on the first row - sobbing.  I just did not want to look backwards at anyone.   One Sunday, in January, just after Christmas, the Enemy really lied.  That morning he continued to tell me that I did not need to go forward...nothing was changing... I could pray from my pew.. people were sick of me walking up there, crying and looking all pathetic.  And I believed the Enemy.  I did. 

I sat in my pew, head down, tears falling out of my eyes and just asked God again,   .....why?.......
Sandy is in Red and her husband is right behind her! 
After only a few moments, a beautiful lady came up to me, put her arm around me and said,  "Your name is Michelle right?".  And I looked up at her through my blurry eyes, and shook my head yes.  I had no words.  And she said, "you don't know me, but I know you.  I have been praying for you for months, my name is Sandy and I am here to tell you that God loves you and HE is going to heal your marriage".  I just melted.  She was mom, grandma, and best friend all wrapped into one and she had such a belief that it could happen.  She ENCOURAGED me.  She helped me hold on, one more day.  She spoke LIFE into my weary heart.  

The next weekend came and again, I sat in my pew and she joined me and prayed.  The next---I went forward but would not actually go up for prayer and she came to me.  Again... The Sandy Factor.  Everytime I saw her, she just held me and prayed and believed that my husband was a good man and that God was dealing with him and that he would be the man I needed him to be.  Her hope, her hopefullness was contagious.  The Sandy Factor.  That particular winter, she and her husband stayed almost 4 months and I know...that was just GOD being sweet to me.  

She continued to pray,  she'd call me and then I began to meet with her at a cell group each Tuedsay.  We prayed often, I cried when she went back 'home'  later in that spring season  and I looked forward to her winter visit again.  She  never met my husband,  then, but had prayed for him for over a year... can you believe that?  She is ...being Jesus to me.  That was God. 

  She returned that next winter and 'stuff' was changing within my household as we had moved  and we met for prayer often but she did not meet my husband that winter.  She met him the next.... and WOW was it a cool thing.   

I  had coined it ...'the SANDY Factor'.

 I want to be  a SANDY  to others...   In the years since, God has given me many  opportunities to SPEAK life into other women and be SANDY to them. 

  And I prayed with a sweet sister in Christ, I reminded her that ONE day...she and HER HUSBAND would be doing the EXACT thing to another couple...that THAT is what God does.  

 If HE allows such a crisis, HE trusts us enough to pull through stronger and so in LOVE with HIM, that HE can use us...not necessarily 'rehash' the pain...but to ENCOURAGE!  

The Past is the past, praise God.  Another friend said to me today, "when I see you and your family ..the yuck DOES not even is like it NEVER happened".  Wow - that touched me.  

That is what HIS people see in others that serve Him...we SEE the new creations...we don't SEE the past.  God - that was SUCH healing today. 

Lord,  bless the original Sandy right now, thank you for her love for you and her new friends.   Bless her Lord, - as she is my  mom and she GAVE me LIFE with YOU..and she speaks life into many ...the 9 children with their spouses and then the 25+ grands...Lord, I pray right now that the Sandy #1 will  realize and understand the love to WHICH -- the path that YOU are....THAT you are indeed God, Savior and Holy Spirit...Lord, I thank you for my mom...And God I pray for Sandy #2 -I ask you to touch her in a mighty way.  I pay you will have our paths cross again. 

God I thank you for using her - to teach me HOW to speak life into to be that encourager...and Lord, I have to say -- I have said and done a few PRETTY crazy believe so badly  and tell another to 'hold off on divorce papers'  when it certainly SEEMS like it won't work....but does..and it did.   Again and I will publically thank YOU Lord for the eyes that have been opened in the traveling Texas couple. -- GOD - THAT Could ONLY be you. And Lord for the other women that I hold before you and for my own child and her marriage.... Lord, I want to speak life all the time.  I wish to be SANDY to others...all the time. 

Lord, continue to bring others in to my path and heart, I know I grow weary at times..but GOD -- what a Jesus High to see HOW you work and especially with this one and the reversal of destiny...God, You used the pain of another to heal me...and I went deeper in my healing... I went further...and I am thankful for it.     I thank you for the blessing it is, to pray with another and SEE it answered -- God that JOY is unsinkable...

I love you Lord, Thanks. 

 humbled, MIchelle

I want what you want Lord... Matthew 6.33.

When has God used you to be 'sandy' to another?  Please share it with me...if you would like... make a comment!  Thanks.

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