Monday, October 12, 2015

God's Grace -- Desperate Prayers #10

Dear Lord, a sweet friend reminded me this evening of Grace. 

She reminded me Lord, that I should ---  pray Your -  God’s perfect will according to  Your - His word.

 Lord, we know what Your  perfect will is because of Your  word.

 However,  Lord, she reminded me that we must trust that--- even if YOU  allow certain  things to happen, that are not Your perfect will,  and that it will all work out for good.    Lord...  this heartbreaking.  However, Lord, I will trust that the people involved within this desperate prayer -- are indeed Yours and that they  know Jesus and know where to find truth.    Lord, with natural consequences of sin and our own free will bought by grace,  this Christian life can be very messy. Lord, she believes  that  her  role is to pray for God’s perfect will, while at the same time trusting You  that whatever You allow to happen is indeed happening because You are  allowing it.

She reminded me Lord... that ... No devil in hell can stop - You,  God. YOU  are in ultimate control.  The enemy definitely uses confusion and our emotions to get us off track, but God -- You are always on track and always ahead of the game. And she reminded me....
Remember Michelle Pritchard, God Wins! It may appear that He is losing this battle, but He knows what we don’t know.
 Number one rule: Trust God     

                 He’s got this whole thing.

 Thank goodness, right? We sure can’t fix it!!!! What a mess! But He makes great things out of messes. Sit in peace, my friend. He knows what He is doing.  I love the way He works the devil.

I keep being reminded in my spirit of people that I have prayed for a physical healing, that eventually died. Did the devil win? Did God not hear my prayers? Did God not have His will done? Was I off? Or was the person too far gone?
I know in these circumstances that God did in fact win.  He is still on the throne. Through death and life, He wins. He wins over sin. He wins over our choices and emotions. God wins. He is not depending on any of us to do the next right thing, in order to win. He wins, because He is God.

Some Christians will choose to live an obedient/submissive life and experience the victory with God as He wins on this Earth. Most will not.
But He loves us anyway. And that is what grace is for. I’m learning a lot about grace;)
I love you.

Lord, thank you for my friend.  I praise You  God for her, to remind me and place a perspective within me that was lacking.  Lord, I think about the Grace you gave me.... 38+ years.  I stop and make a list of ALL the stuff ...I did NOT get caught at....and yet - YOU knew and yet, YOU still drew me close....

Lord, I stop and think about all the wrong choices I made -- and there was not FB to remind me of it over and over....

Lord, there is a spirit of complacency within our world right now.  It is easy to just say, "I just want to be happy"....Help me Lord, for the one that is desperate to be obedient....  and help me to Love the one that wants to just skid on by..... and YOU indeed -- are the one I trust.

  Lord, I know people are messy.  Lord, help me to be a light.  Lord, I don't want to FAIL at anything that YOU have instructed me to do.  Lord, I pray I don't become lukewarm.....that I am HOT or COLD but NOT lukewarm.

God I pray I extend mercy -- where it is needed and extend  grace as well --- 
Lord, forgive me for my 'passionate rant' with you over the past several days....
Teach me more Lord,   I need a supernatural healing -- quickly --

IN Jesus name....   I am humbled  - me

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