Thursday, October 8, 2015

Desperate Prayer #9

Have you ever hurt so badly that you thought the pain would never go away?   That it would be easier to die?

Or have you ever been so horribly hurt that you wished, or even prayed, that the person who had hurt you would just die?

Are you hurting?
Are you hurting ....emotionally, spiritually, psychologically?  Or do you have a mate, a child, a relative, or a friend who hurts?

What is the answer or the solution?  Are we condemned to hurt forever?   Can there be healing?


In Jeremiah 8.21, Jeremiah's heart cries, "for the brokenness of the daughter of my people I am broken: I mourn, dismay ha taken hold of me."

 In Jeremiah 8.22 it says, "is there no balm in Gilead?  Is there no physician there?  When then has not the health of the daughter of my people been restored?"  

There is a balm in Gilead -- healing for every wound of the soul!

Tonight ...there are several women that I know, crawling into bed -- heartbroken and longing for an immediate fix -- their marriage is broken or it is not what she expected.    Some of these women have their husbands in the home -- yet he might as well be 40 miles away -- his heart is not holding her --  his heart is so hard and deceived .....
 Some are watching their men self destruct and run....
Some are hurting so bad from their own actions and sin and the shame is unbearable ....
Some are just longing for their husband to be the spiritual head of their home...
Some are wondering when the 'other shoe will fall'.....
Some are watching another woman tend to the children-- her children --her   broken family .... 
 Some still are wanting that true godly man that will pray with her,  encourage her, and have fun with her....

Some are hurting so -- 

This desperate prayer this eve is for EACH and every one of those women who are not 'seeing' anything change or getting fixed...right now.  

BUT -- I want to encourage them and just say -- GOD is holding you -- GOD's will is for your husband to be that godly father, godly man, and lover that HE designed him to be.  
God's will is for a family to be broken together and then rebuilt.  
God's will is not for divorce. 
God's will is for freedom and wholeness. 
The Holy Spirit and God ARE at work -- and the conviction is there - but as long as the enemy still has the 'ears'.....  we must wait on God!  


Simple prayer -- HANG in there.  Keep busy -- read that bible and write love letters to your missing other half.  Write prayers for the children.  Write a note of apology to the woman that is being used as a PAWN by the enemy.  She will realize it -- she is being used by the enemy ..... as God's will is FOR the marriage - for a family to be whole.    It states in Proverbs  -- to be with the wife of your youth.... 

Simple prayer - HANG in there.  Pray for that wayward child, write letters to that child, and speak out - that child will come to understand the inheritance that has been set before them... God's will be done.  It is not God's will for a child to be living in habitual sin or in with a partner that is not God's destined plan.  

Simple prayer -- HANG in there....  the miracle could be JUST right around the corner.  

Simple prayer -- HANG in there ...true forgiveness of oneself and true forgiveness given is not spiteful and full of revenge nor...'see...this is what I can do now'.........  

Simple prayer - HANG in there....  allow God the time to work on those hard hearts.  

Many times,  we have a hard time understanding and realizing that WE are sinners too...and when we finally do - we can forgive properly.  

For that one that broke soul ties today -- from this day forward .... any time a thought comes into your head is trespassing, rebuke Satan and remind yourself of WHO you are -- 

You are a daughter of the most high High God.  
You are the head and not the tail.  
God will restore what the locusts have taken....and my prayer and believe it will be with the 'original' one.... not the 2nd choice.  

For that one holding on so tight, she is afraid to let go....let go ONLY to God --  
For the one seeing what 'can't' CAN!  Kick that "T" out of there -- it CAN! 

Lord, thank you - keep me believing -- I want to see a BIG miracle today -- IN Jesus, name  - me

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