Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Expecting Day #8 - The bucket list ....

Today is Thursday.

It is the day that ALL of Okeechobee gets excited about - Open House!  

Speaking of school -- I was graced and blessed to meet a new friend when I moved to my  new job, four years ago.  I met several new people and some I have gotten to even  know of them blessed me   Wednesday   and inspired the prayer blog today and then at church God gave me the verse....

Of course - GOD always multi-tasks!

John 14.12  Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 

...will do the works of the Father...and we will do greater things...

That is kind of hard to really imagine.  Jesus did some amazing miracles, but according to this verse -- we have the power through Christ to do even greater 'things'.

A few peers of mine ( friends ) were speaking about bucket lists at lunch yesterday.  We were speaking about future plans and where we can make a difference.

Each of us shared a bit...and then my pal Mary said,  she really just seeks to how she can do the BEST for HIM that day --.  That blessed me.

Many times I get preoccupied with the future .....especially  with our recent move and then school starting and what will happen next.  When I need to just focus on THIS day.

I do strive to be 'used' by God -- as much as I can.  I am sure I could always do more, but I am not aware or listening to God as I should.

But I will share this...there is NO high like a Jesus high -- really, when you get to see how God uses something you said, did, or  'were' ....and how it helped another get a revelation....well --   it is awesome.


Lord, as I pray this evening, I pray for my sister in Christ and anyone else reading this --drawn to it - I pray for their bucket list...I pray that they are living EACH day for YOU...and enjoying each day - in spite of hurts,  unanswered prayer, and frustrations. I pray that as they continue to believe that YOU are in control and that being a part of YOUR plan is indeed -- success.  Lord, I pray for my sisters in Christ - that they will do the work YOU have called them to do...and in the meantime ---  YOU will continue to work within their families, friends, work places, and lives.... and as they do Your work -- their prayers will be answered.   And Lord, I pray that anyone reading this...Lord, I pray their bucket list would not overcome or overwhelm them.  I pray that they would see the value in YOUR bucket list Lord...that their hearts and desire would be to do Your will....and the rest...will fall into place.  Lord, I continue to hold my sister in Christ  - my 'BB' in my prayers - continue to touch every avenue of her life and fix what needs to be fixed...move what needs to be moved...and Lord, that some of her secret desires ...on that bucket list - would come sooner than later.  And Lord, as I know she loves you and works with You in mind, I pray she will be able to experience that 'no high like a Jesus high'... very soon -- may it bless her so!  IN Jesus name, Amen.  

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