Thursday, August 7, 2014

Expecting....Day #1

Hello - my name is Michelle.  I am a blogger.  I love God, my family and God has given me this URGE to write.

Writing has been my therapy and it has allowed me to speak life -- when I could not speak face to face. Writing has also cost me a few friendships and I bet more people read this than I am aware of.   And through this - God has taught me much...that being transparent is important -- but being private is important too.

My brother ( one of them ) would remind me that this blog - opens myself up to the internet and there will always be this record....that people will KNOW too much.

But, I bathe this is prayer and believe that God writes these through me and HE protects it as well.

In the past month, I have only blogged a few times.  Maybe 3x.   God had  kept me quiet for a season and when I WANTED to get writing again, the 'well' was dry and my hand was attacked with Carpal Tunnel.  God knew I would need a physical excuse to keep me still a bit more....I am stubborn at times and Praise God, HE knows what I need - so HE allows.    And, I don't want to blog to to hear myself type ....and read what I wrote -- God forbid, there is ENOUGH to read out there - why waste anyone's time??

However, TODAY - God commissioned me to write for 40 days I have a sister in Christ that is in a desperate need to have  a few prayers answered, she needs some miracles, and I believe the family around her needs their spiritual eyes to open up.  And I believe that as she and I fast and pray through this blog together.....God will speak, God will move...and God will teach us both - something new.  And I believe that by the end of the 40 days....she will TRUST God like never before.

The beauty of this -- is that God DOES NOT waste anything, and I believe that there will be  others that  HE draws to read this -- WILL ALSO seek God for knowledge and this blog will speak to them as well.

So, with that....A.W. Tozer says:  "True faith is never found alone: it is always accompanied by expectation. The man who believes the promises of God expects to see them fulfilled.  Where there is no expectation, there is not faith.  We need a fresh spirit of anticipation that springs out of the promises of God.  We must declare war on the mood of nonexpectation, and come together with childlike faith.  Only then can we know again the beauty and wonder of the Lord's presence among us." 

That is a powerful quote.  In therapy, the Life Coach and other counselors told me often...'lower you expectations...cause then you won't be disappointed'.  That made sense too.

If I don't 'expect' flowers on my anniversary -- then I won't be heartbroken when none come......
If I don't 'expect' the toilet seat to be down when I head into my son's bathroom -- then I won't get upset when I fall into the toilet cause I expected the seat to be down.  Make sense?

I think the 'low expections' advice for good for that time in therapy .....and I am sure, that I will share that again with a student or a woman in crisis....but TONIGHT....

I am going to EXPECT like A.W Tozer shared...and besides these expectations are TIED to GOD...HE never disappoints...HE never fails....and HE is God!

Lord, I am going to EXPECT that YOUR promises  will come true for my friend and her family.  You Lord, promised in Isaiah - that you have come to BIND the  came Lord to proclaim FREEDOM for the captives and release from darkness the prisoners.   Lord, she has a husband that NEEDS to hear from you - smack him over the head...may he see that he needs you.  Lord, she has children that MUST call upon You.  Lord, she has raised them...she has spoken truth and life into them......but it is NOT her job to save them...that is YOURS.  She has believed a lie that she could 'pull' them into you -- God release her of that -- show her that YOU have EACH of them...and that YOU can be trusted.  Lord, within her business ...her finances....her health...we need a miracle.  Lord, within her heart -- it hurts so much.  Lord, in Isaiah 36 the King of Assyria is taunting the captives....those under King Hezekiah.  Those post people were beyond....they were at the END of their rope.  Lord, it says  that those people that loved you -- were eating their own excrement and drinking their urine...they had HAD enough ....and yet... they still believed in YOU.  King Hezekiah went to Isaiah and they were like in the day of 'birth' with no strength to deliver.  God.... that is her head and heart -- I saw it today.  But tonight - I have EXPECTATIONS that as we pray together and AS  we believe together....   it will be like vs. 6 -- "do no be afraid".  ....that as we - each day, seek you and walk this out...that YOU will bring clarity to life decisions.  You Lord, will open spiritual eyes...and there will be a trust in You - that has NEVER been experienced.  In Jesus name...amen.  

My sister in Christ sweet blonde ...BB... knows  to 'do' this.  But, if God is multi-tasking and you - a 'stranger' reading this prayer blog is for you as well-- read it again and believe and expect -- that GOD will answer.  Join me each day -- and I know that I know - God will use this set of prayers to encourage you but also to give you something to recite and pray over and over as the next day passes.  I would also suggest that you begin to read about HIM ...start in the book of John   and read of Jesus' life.  You will be blessed.  You can also comment below and 'not' sign your name.  But there is homework...

Day 1 Homework...make a list RIGHT now of the promises that YOU know God will provide.   If you are unsure of those promises than write God a prayer and tell Him what you NEED fixed.  Be specific and don't be afraid to add to that list.  As we go through the 40 days....God will refine that list....God will show you what is NOT His will...but HE will also show you what is.  amen.

I expect you to revisit my blog tomorrow - G'nite.

- humbled and expecting God to move....

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  1. Starting my day one with my prayer for myself. Dear Sweet Jesus, I believe that in the days to come you will guide me through a process and it has been your plan all along. I must dive completely into your word daily and make time for talking with you. This is somewhere for me to start and I know you will show me where my focus should be as I talk with you each day! Amen


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