Saturday, August 30, 2014

Expecting #24 - ONE notch above cautious....

Today -- August 30, 2014.  As I stated with my last few blog/prayers -- the Holy Spirit gave me 7 topics with which to write about.  7 is a perfect number.  And GOD did this for me, cause He knew I would be in recovery.  If you read this on a regular basis, you know I was a part of a team of women that walked WITH God and His mercy to Titusville where 27 women got some freedom last weekend. Exactly one week ago - about this time, I was showered  ( 6am ) and preparing to be on my way to Publix to pick up the 'celebration cake' when God spoke and clearly gave me insight into the day and how it would transpire. 

 The next morning, Sunday, the HS spoke again and directed the events on Sunday.  I say that - to say this...the HS continues to lead and guide me.  And as I spoke to the women last Sunday, I advised them to allow the HS to keep them in 'recovery' until they were ready to received visitors -- just like in the hospital.  The first few days....the first week after a God Encounter Weekend is critical the Enemy comes back stronger and ready to steal back what Jesus clearly reminded everyone to leave at the Cross.  

With that being said, I too was attacked and knew -- God had me.  Exodus 14.14.  I do not claim to be some know it all.  I don't want anyone to 'do what I did' or 'do what I said'.....I want that woman to seek know that she knows...she is following God's divine plan.  Praying with sisters in Christ, seeking godly counsel is all a part of that - but when it comes down to decision making  --- I will stand before God and give an account for me....

And I know, because I was placed in a position of Spiritual Authority for that weekend - I will give an account for THAT....

But as for our day to day lives....praise God that I am NOT the SAVIOR or that it is NOT my responsibility to 'save' they will stand before God themselves and give their account.  

So, enough of me 'explaining'....this is #6 of HIS topics -- waiting on God.  

And I went back to August of 2011 when I posted a blog called, "one notch above cautious"  -- as I was blessed by reading it, I pray now - that the intended readers will also hear God through this blog.  It is a LONG one today - grab coffee or it in parts...but I pray it will explain how to wait on God.   - michelle 

 August 2011
It is funny -- no it is God's timing that today I just sort of 'went' one notch about cautious. What does that mean? Well, for so long there has been a trial, a problem, an event, or just a big old plain elephant in the room. So many things, events, people, and just STUFF involved. One goes through SO many emotions that you almost become RAW at one point and then HARD and vow NEVER to be hurt like that again, and then you really RE-evaluate and think -WHAT DO I want? What I wanted -- more of God. I wanted to be in the CENTER of HIS will and I wanted to hear those prophetic words, "well, done my good and faithful servant Michelle".

So choices had to be made.

James 1.12 says: Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

Blessed is the woman, hurt, that perseveres under trial, because when she has withstood the test, she will receive the crown of life that GOD has promised to those who LOVE HIM.

Blessed is Michelle . . it is hard to sometimes really believe that GOD loves me as much as HE loves Jesus. It is hard to wrap my mind around it.

And so, I have been cautious with my heart. I am cautious, I have good reason. But, when I really reflect and think -- I broke God's heart too. I loved HIM but I really did not WANT HIM . .nor did I really understand HOW to love HIM the way I was suppose to, nor did I understand HIS true grace and mercy. But now . . .I believe I can say that I have experienced HIS grace and mercy and so therefore, I must give it. Period.

To give grace and mercy .. sometimes it takes extreme patience. Patience is to have the ability to endure, but it does stop there. Patience must also have the capacity to be wronged and not retaliate. In other words, patience is love persevering and love waiting. We are not only to be patient in the way we face difficult situations but in our relatioinships as well. Easy to say, HARD to LIVE.

Job Stood firm.

I remember the day I had a revelation -- God loves me like HE did JOB. God has allowed this trial in my life .. this journey .. this hurt . .because HE wants to see if MICHELLE will stand firm. I chose that. I have. I tired. I failed but I tried again. I choose this each day I wake up.

And with that, I have become cautious. People say and act a certain way . . .but sticking around long enough and listening and watching sometimes shows one's true heart. That is why, I would say . .I am one notch . above cautious.

God's restoration power is at work, God's healing is at work, but it is not complete as of yet. The smile on my face, praises GOD for the glorious miracles I see and hear and witness, but I realize the ENEMY is still fighting mad and won't stop! Together, and I am claiming this ..together, my husband and I can defeat the Enemy's schemes for our family and friends and I am so anxious to watch how God brings this about. I am believing that we, both, together can make a difference for HIS Kingdom and I want that. And I believe that God will reveal even more to my husband and do a migthy miracle with everything we have encountered and endured.

Every trial must come through HIS love but every trial has a purpose. Every pain, every ordeal contains a seed of victory and there is a promise for every problem you and I will ever face. 

Scripture says: " The Lord is my strength, my shield from every danger, I trust in HIM with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy." Psm. 28.7

Patience pays off in many ways, but one of the greatest rewards of patience is joy, a deeply - rooted confidence that God is in control.

I can say, this deeply rooted confidence. . that God is in CONTROL . .won't be shaken from me - ever . . .HE will do what HE says HE will do.

Today -- August 30, 2014
God has healed MANY of those concerns and so forth that I implied about in the above blog.  My husband and I are healed and together we share our story when HE says to -- we pray for couples and individuals when HE says we are  and when HE brings their names or hearts to our minds.  I believe that my husband and I are doing our make a difference within HIS Kingdom as we both know and are aware that we will stand before God and we both want to hear - 'well done my faithful servants'.  That motivates us -- That moves us -- that keeps us HUMBLE!  

Waiting on God is HARD. 
Waiting on God can suck. 
Waiting on God is what HE is asking us to do. 
If you are not hearing from God to 'move' or 'change this'...then HE Is telling you clearing to WAIT on HIM and be STILL.  

Being still is HARD.
Being Still can suck.
Being Still is what is asking us to do - so often but we try to manipulate and move God....that is not what waiting is.  

Waiting is not getting that pizza from Dominos, putting it in your car and then while at the stoplight sneaking a bite - which BURNS your lips...

Waiting is not being on the highway and you notice a detour sign but you decide that the construction  people JUST put it there and the road would STILL Be open.... until you find yourself stopped with no road to take....

Waiting is not sitting at a 4 way stop and deciding to go first rather than yield to the right....

Waiting is can be the MOST painful time of your life ...but if you are waiting on God - trust that the outcome will be BEYOND what you can imagine.  

Many times, I go back to blogs I wrote in 2010 - 2011....and just revel in what God has done in my life...there is a record of the hurt - yes - but there is MORE glory than hurt now...and it speaks volumes as I go back and read.  

I have always tried not to spew the HURT too much I realize  - lives - real lives are touched and maybe rehurt ....but I also know that one needs to see - there is HOPE  and there is redemption and that GOD does heal.  

So often - we just don't wait.  

Heavenly Father - for my BB ...for my sisters in Christ...for the one released this week, for the  one who spoke life into my life for many years and hurt my flesh...for the ones reading this that have NO clue of whom I am....God...that each of them, would read and see...waiting on YOU...obeying what YOU have called them to do ....

God, that they would open their bibles and get their own word from YOU....that they would wait.  God - only YOU can heal - only YOU can save...and ONLY your HS can comfort them now -- I love you Lord,  I grow to love and trust you MORE each day and with every new trial or blessing - I stand in awe of your Presence.  YOU are indeed my best friend and my love and Lord, thank you for the husband I have now.... He has been the covering I have needed this past week - and God submitting to his counsel and knowing he walks and talks with you daily -- is the most gracious gift and loving gift.  As through marriage -- as this was your intention -- through marriage we are to reflect the relationship between Jesus ....and His bride...we are the bride of Christ...when Jesus presents 'us' to You... well.... that will be glory.   My human brain can't quite  put its finger on it...but -- it is good - Thank you Lord, thank you for giving my BB a special man as well...bless him Lord Jesus name, amen. 

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