Monday, August 11, 2014

Expecting Day #5 -- God's Word

First day of 'school' today for me again. My 27th year in a classroom.  I am blessed.
We have meetings, we set up our rooms, and we welcome in the 'next' batch of prospects that God has placed within our walls.  I consider is a joy to teach.  I believe it is my calling ....and it is a mission field.
I am blessed.

God's Word is like that.... in order to have a meeting with God .....we need to speak and talk with Him. He replies ...His Written Word is a love letter to us.

As we set up our 'rooms'...or our day -- we need to want to RUN to His word for his daily good morning.... when we start the day off with HIM....the day goes SO MUCH BETTER!

And as we 'welcome' the day in....with HIS word hidden within our hearts....we can cope, survive....and and wait...we will THRIVE....and will LIVE...and we will have JOY in spite of circumstances.

Today's prayer focus is just for that - for that hunger of His Word.

Psalm 119: 105 says:

Your Word is a lamp unto  my feet, and a light unto  my path.

Lord, this bright morning, I praise You for Your written Word and I thank you that You are a light unto my path.  I praise God that my sister in Christ KNOWS this and she  craves Your Word...deepen that hunger, as she reads her word today - may new revelations and mercies shine through and may she grab ahold of it and call upon in at every moment of trouble and doubt and then may she use it to praise You with in between... We are committed to these 40 days of prayer and believing for the outcome.  Thank you Lord for the perfect illustration yesterday with my personal life and our 'Elsa'...You are a God that cares about the DETAILS  and the 'pets'...  My sister in Christ needed to believe in that answer to that You will answer her prayers as well....and this prayer is for anyone who believes that God is 'not there'....or that 'He only answers others' prayers'.......
HE is here....HE is there...and HE hears EACH and every heart cry -- run to HIS word today and seek HIM and be amazed.....HE cares that much for you.  Amen.

Find a few index cards or buy a 'spiral' of index cards from Wal-greens and then begin to write down one scripture each day ...and carry this with you.   When I am in my car, it is in my view...when I get to work it goes on my desk...and then I carry it with me... daily ...and as I begin to HIDE ( memorize ) HIS word in my heart...I hear God MORE and MORE....try it...!  I promise - it works.

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