Sunday, August 17, 2014

Expecting #11 -- An invitation and Explanation

If you read my blog -- I talk a lot about my church and church family.
If you read my blog -- you have heard me tell or speak about an ENCOUNTER Weekend.
If you read my blog -- my Encounter weekend in February changed me - completely ...and God met me and gave me the strength to FIGHT for HIM....and believe in HIM.  That weekend was a piece in the puzzle of my life that serves God.

If you WANT to know more...come this evening.   Anyone is welcome!

Today is Sunday - I know that my sister in Christ will be in church and GOD will speak.  I don't need to add anything today to this blog/prayer  of 40 days.

But...I will invite and share a bit -- The Men within our church ( about 30 of them ) went to their God Encounter Weekend and as they return today - lives have changed.  Our Women will go next weekend - ( 44) to be exact!  Their lives are already changing and I know that I know --  THEY will be different. If you know one of them - you will see it.

So tonight and next Sunday night - we will meet and gather and CELEBRATE with lots of awesome music and testimonies -- where you can HEAR for yourself...what God has done.   6:30 pm.  Come early to get a seat - we will be FULL.

ARE you interested?    Then come.  

Celebration Services wil be held at Buckhead Ridge Christian Church on Linda Road in BHR.

Yes, this will be the new HOME of HIS Church beginning August 31, 2014.  The two churches have merged and God did this.  This is God's way of healing two bodies of believers and continuing WHAT God has started.  IT is exciting and unbelievable at times!   God wins!

So, if you want to know more...come and if you are skeptical....come and if you want to experience God like you have never done before -- come see me or one of the women that will be heading to Titusville next weekend ....God will speak through them!

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