Monday, August 18, 2014

Expecting #13 - a baby miracle...

 ( Posting early -- this is for Tuesday -- I am going to be SWAMPED tomorrow is TP's first Volleyball game...and I promised to help with concessions.  LOL )

A baby miracle .....

Ok, with permission, I get to share this.  Back in February of 2011, I was in a very 'sad' and sorry spot. Marriage counsel had taken a turn for the 'worse' and plans were being made for my then 'estranged' husband and I to separate, again.  And I had basically stated in my head...."I am tired".  But...I was holding out until my 'ENCOUNTER' Weekend which would happen at the end of the month.

In my brain....that weekend I would hear from God and get my miracle.  ( Or, HE would give me the answers I desired!)

So days were busy with school, nights with soccer or practice, and then I would head to church when ever the doors were open.  And, I kept busy .....  waiting for the month to pass by.  I went and it was an incredible experience.  I have already blogged about it...and I will probably RE-SHARE it again because by this Friday, I will be heading to that same retreat center and be a part of another Encounter Weekend, but this time I am humbled to be a leader.

Anyway -- when I came home, I was SO HIGH on Jesus -- I believed I could  walk on water and I had heard over that weekend that a sweet sister in Christ - who was pregnant - was given some bad news.  Well not bad news....but news that altered MUCH!    She had a few ultrasounds and there was a high possibility that her baby - in her womb...would be born with Downs Syndrome.  As I walked on campus that Monday, I walked down her hallway and opened her door and grabbed her and hugged her and prayed.

I remember praying like I had never prayed before -- I know the Holy Spirit was speaking through me and I was able to look right in her eyes and ask her  --

"Do you believe in God?"
"Do you believe that God can heal your baby?"

"Then we are going to pray for that perfect baby."

And we did.   I did.  God did ....the Holy Spirit too over!

  And from that point on - and for the last few months of her pregnancy, each time I saw her - I reminded her -- God will give you a perfect baby.  Amen.

I wish I could tell you,  at the time that,  I believed her baby would be normal.  I had my doubts but I knew that I knew - God could heal that baby and if HE chose not too -- that was GOING to be God's plan for her and her family.  Her two daughters had assured her - they would love him no matter what and she held onto the fact...that no matter what...she was going to have the son she and her husband wanted.    And as time progressed, you could see her accept the news and prepare for this altered reality.

As I said, EACH time we saw each other in the hall -- the look was "perfect baby".

That baby turned 3 this past week.   Yes, 3 years old.
He is perfect - normal.  With NO Down Syndrome.


Some doctors or nay slayers would say ..."she had some faulty tests or there was a mistake".
But she and I both know and believe that God healed that little boy within her womb...because of her faith and she accepted the fact that matter what - that baby was perfect.

Accepting WHAT God allows into our lives maturity.
Accepting WHAT God allows to happen to us ....shapes us into HIS character.

Can you do that today?
Can you accept WHAT God has allowed into your life....  ?  Can you allow it to shape and mold you you reflect the character of God?

I pray I am.
I pray I can.
I pray I will.

Lord, that we would accept what comes our way -- and know that NO matter what - YOU have us and YOU provide and YOU will guide and YOU will win.... and until we see that 'light' or miracle..we will believe in faith - Amen.

Homework:  Speak to God today and talk about what He has allowed...and let him know if you can trust Him.....

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