Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Expecting Day #7 - humbled - ( Posting early for WEDNESDAY )

Humbled..... I spent some time with my sister this eve and she always reminds me of the 'news'.

Over seas -- there is SO much going on.

I posted several videos and articles --  it tears me up.

Several nights ago, I could NOT sleep because of a dog -- a missing dog.

A dog that had become a family member.

Tonight -- in Israel -- I know there are moms - fearful -- crying -- mourning -- and waiting....

Today is Wednesday -- soon the news reports will share of even more tragic losses and fighting --

and what will I be doing.....?

......Lord forgive me.  Today's prayer focus are not of my needs -- nor of my Sister - Christ...but the persecution of Christians ...Lord, that there could be peace....that this could end....but then I believe Lord ....YOU will be here.  
Whether people like to admit it or not -- what is next to come....?   
Lord, forgive me.  I am humbled that I live HERE and can get so caught up with a dog....I praise You Lord, that with all the turmoil...each and every one of those Christians love you and call upon You and I know that YOU are .....answering prayer.  
Lord, show me what you'd like me to do - in addition to prayer...
Lord, open the eyes of 'us' Americans here....that we all would be humble...In Jesus name..amen.  

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