Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Expecting Day #6 Spiritual Blessings....

Today is Tuesday -- well, Tuesday is almost 'done'.

I am writing today -- inspired by a Beth Moore devotional.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens, in Christ.     Ephesians 1.3

Blessings -- come on this earth all the time...but in reading this...thinking....of all the spiritual blessings that I can't even fathom within heaven.    And HIS Word says we get EVERY spiritual blessing.

God is using HIS powerful word to call me by my name and speak a blessing over me through Jesus Christ.

Some bless us with encouragement.
Some bless us with gifts.
Some bless us with  mercy.

And how cool is it that Jesus Christ has blessed us  - and spoken over us?

We can speak blessings over others.

At the end of yesterday, my sister in Christ got a blessing a BIG one.  She has a few specific prayer requests that I am in prayer with her but she also has secret desires that only she and God knows....

Yesterday I witnessed one of those secret desires being given.  God gives us those - so we can WAIT on the HARDER stuff.....or we can wait long enough to see HIS mighty hand upon those prayer requests that we pray and pray for......

Lord, I just pray right now, that the women reading this will understand that Jesus has spoken blessings over them.  And I pray that they will speak blessings over their children, loved ones, and even their enemies....believing that is what God wants them to do.  I pray these women will speak life over others, and Lord, as we speak life over others....we can count on the fact that YOU have already spoken blessing over us.  And I thank you for that - In Jesus' perfect name - amen. 

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