Saturday, August 9, 2014

Expecting #3 ( revised ) And adding Expecting #4....

It is with a heavy heart I write tonight ....
Today, an experience has me in tears.  My daughter's dog is missing.  Hind site is 20/20 but leaving her without a leash for 30+ seconds proved to be -- well.....she is still missing. 

2 hours of looking, searching.  ( We would return to the area another 5x and Brendan continued to search through the night. )
Placing her photo on Facebook and my husband stopped and offered rewards to homeless men, gas attendants, and people within the neighborhood. 

My heart aches. 

Lord, I am expecting that we will find her...that she will be returned.  She is just a puppy.  Just  12 pounds of family.  My heart is breaking. 

Two days ago - I know that I know - God commissioned me to write for 40 days - prayers to encourage a believer that GOD was going to move a mountain within her life and family and God has not released me of that. 

This morning, I knew my prayer focus was to me to pray for  the 'husband'....tonight....God has changed the focus... or I can't get past my focus.....

The focus is pain...hurt....grieving....

Grieving has to happen - not just when we lose a loved one but when a relationship changes...when an expectation was not met....and when a pet suddenly disappears.  Grieving is a process - that one must go through. 

And sometimes we have to 'grieve' what we expected from God.

My sister in Christ has sought God to meet the need...

Lord, my heart is grieving this eve... I can't get past the 'loss' of that little pup that slept in my bed...that I cared for, that my daughter has  loved as a child....and yesterday's  prayer focus was for the "kids" ... My sister in Christ kids-- need to cry out to You and SEEK you -- not their momma for the fixes they need now....and tonight daughter is crying out to you...and I know that I know - YOU will meet the need, but comfort my heart as well this eve. And praise God she is calling to You. She is already asking - what DO you want me to learn from this?

And Lord, for my sister in 'BB'...that is my secret name for her...she is grieving too -- I know she is sad for me...for my daughter....but there is MORE that YOU want her to grieve...not all this evening, but as these 40 days of prayer pass....You Lord, will show her what she needs to grieve and in Your time, you will heal the open wounds...I know it...Lord, give her a peaceful rest this eve...Lord, give me rest and wherever Elsa is - I pray she is being cared for properly and I pray that YOUR EXTRA angels are  opening the door to where ever she is...and they will guide her that would help my daughter and husband and the moment....but no matter what Lord, we all know - we will praise You and believe that some how you will bring beauty out of these ashes.

My BB needs to be reminded of that as well Lord, this evening -- YOU will bring beauty out of all this mess right now...and NO tears that have been shed...will be wasted.  My BB needs to be reminded that YOU see the open sores...the open wounds and Your heart breaks for her JUST as much....but again, YOU will heal, In Jesus name, amen. 

Homework:  Ask God to show you  WHAT  you may need to  grieve...yet....and then ask Him to comfort you, in a supernatural way.  No need to write it down -- no need to expound on it -- just note to yourself....that you will get beyond this -no matter what!

And Lord....."Your homework"...answer our pleas -- return this dog - In Jesus name, Amen.

Updated...Expecting #4...
Today is Sunday -  I am expecting MUCH today -- I awoke believing that 'today' can return that 'stupid' little piece of our family -- our puppy.  Today Brendan told me he'd raise the reward -- and I thought about God.

God 'raised' the ransom...God 'raised' the reward -- HIS Son's death on that Cross. is all being placed into perspective -- but Praise God that HE knows my hurt...HE knows and understands my Sister in Christ's hurt  ( my BB ) ....HE knows  YOUR hurt.  

If you are reading this - because you are compelled by our  ELSA story - than God is also reminding you - HE heals....  HE comforts....and HE replaced all hurt.  

God wins all the time -- it is a matter if WE want to choose that healing.  

Today is Sunday.  I won't be posting later today - as THIS amended and UPDATED Expecting Prayer is for today .    I was so tired and torn up yesterday - hearing from God and typing...but in such pain. I said, new mercies, new thoughts, and new HOPE.....brought me to this blog site to update it and remind each and everyone of us....

That -- GOD is in control.  Amen.  

Lord, I THANK you that NO matter what - my sister in Christ calls upon YOU.  Lord, you know the hearts and hurts of ANYONE reading this -- may they SEEK YOU.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.  

Homework for Day #4 -- Just to get plugged into YOU attend church today and find a spot where YOU can be ministered to and loved on.  Amen.  

And Lord, PS...both Taylor, myself and Brendan have all said - "we forgive" to the person or persons who have Elsa.  We prayed that the Holy Spirit convicts their hearts to return her....or that we find her on our doorstep.  WE know it is not too much to ask - You know our hurt - and YOUR desire is to answer our calls.  But the bottom line is ...and we all know that we know....if she never returns - the enemy is NOT going to weaken our faith...and we will not be 'mad'...we will continue to live for you.  

THAT indeed Lord -- is a great and mighty revelation.  I pray for ALL your children Lord..that they 'get that' too....amen.  

I am still humbled Lord, that You have chosen me..I may have some puffy eyes this am...but YOU are in Control.  

- michelle 

This is our Bella...she is sad today too....

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