Friday, August 8, 2014

Expecting #2

When 'adult' children leave an adjustment is made.  We are in the process of being 'empty nesters'.  One has moved out and another is away at college but now in a towne house and may be there for a few years as he finishes college.  Watching the one move out was 'semi-hard' but as the younger one moved to his spot -- the reality of being just a couple again set in.

When the first one left for college in 2009 , I still had one at home.  When she returned - it seemed like normal. Then when he left, she was still God has graciously given me many years to transition but being a mom and watching your children leave - is still hard. ....Maybe harder than I care to admit.

Then again, when we moved - we ended up  - literally 50 yards from one of I see her each day....God is so gracious.

Anyway, last night as I returned home I noticed a few EMPTY dishes in the sink - one had returned to eat leftovers..."gee, it is not so bad living by mom and dad when you are hungry"....

God's word says:

Proverbs 22:6 
Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

When you are a parent - you are always a parent, but there comes a time when you must allow your children to be .....a grown up.  

The hard part .....doing it.  

Tonight's prayer focus for my sweet sister in Christ is for her children...and if you are a 'single' child of God and don't live with your parents...perhaps there is something within this prayer that YOU can relate to...

Lord, I come to you and I pray for the mom...Lord, as you have provided her with the desire and love to birth children, you have provided her and given her the DESIRE to see them LIVE for you.  Lord, as our children grow, we have to teach, coach, and then allow them to 'fly'.  It is only after they fly ....that we can see their true abilities and their hearts.  Lord, that their character be THAT of yours....Lord, that their hearts would be longing to SEEK You and Your ways...  and Lord, that they would see the urgency within their LIVE for YOU.   Lord,  pray for her children this eve.  Lord, she is EVERYTHING to me Lord, she is SO much that they don't even realize that they 'can't fly without her....but they must.  Lord, they must see that YOU are the one they must turn to...YOU are the one they MUST seek....and ONLY YOU can fulfill the hole within their hearts.  She has taught them well, she has bathed their lives in prayer and given them to Your word says they won't leave it....WE claim that promise.  Amen.  BUT....we want to see ....their spiritual eyes open and we WANT to see them flying...with YOU and SEEKING You...and relying on YOU...not her...not their spouses or friends...nor their 'selves'...God, I pray for each of them and my own, these words apply to my own as well.  I thank you for them and what I do see....that gives me hope and peace....but Lord, I pray for more...I claim that they will walk righteously before You....I pray they won't rely on some GREASY grace...but they will have a hunger for YOU like none other before.  I pray for my children...I pray for her children....and Lord, for the next generation that they will raise...we claim a legacy of ...calling upon You.  In Jesus name.  And for the others that may read this...Lord, if they  ( the child ) reads this...let them tomorrow speak to their mom and tell them 'thanks'...And/or Lord, if one is reading this and is unsure that they have that PEACE of knowing they are yours ...may they call their mom and ask....and may she have the opportunity to lead them in a sinner's prayer - YOU use this to Your desire Lord.  Amen.  

Tonight's homework:    Write down a secret letter to Your child and write out what You would love to see within your child do  in the next the next year....and in the next 'chunk' of time.  Then write all the good stuff you already see about those children and smile and know...that God will answer that HIS time.  

- humbled...and expecting that after 40 days...a mountain will be moved.  
- michelle 

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