Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Commission STATEMENT -- from Capturing Liberty - Wknd

Here you are is in print:  

( For the Women that participated in the God Encounter Weekend with His Church Leadership in Titusville this past weekend - here are the written words for your commission)

God is the state builder of my life,
He has pulled back the curtain this weekend,
We are not on a new stage,
I am the Center of God's Theater,
All my pain, sorry, and hurt WILL be redeemed,
I will praise you Lord for every trial,
Because I know it brought me here today,
I praise you Lord, for I know:
I am loved,
I am forgiven,
I am blessed,
 I am redeemed,
I am accepted,
And I know my stage is now bigger,
Lord, I know it i s my time now to show others grace and mercy,
I know it is my time to believe that YOU will win,
Lord, I kNOW I am at the center of Your stage,
God, YOU will help me make some changes,
The Holy Spirit is my best friend,
I have NO more unforgiveness,
And God wants me to know, that soon,
SOON it will be my time,
SOON the desires of my heart will be received,
And shortly, the hurts will only be a scar,
The pain won't cripple me anymore,
And when I sin, I will seek repentance,
And my time of barrenness will be over,
God is making my stage bigger,
I am going to receive the desires, the good and righteous desires of my heart,
God has done a work inside me this weekend,
God will continue to meet every need,
I will not worship my past,
I will walk on day at a time in my freedom,
As I go home today,
God is sending out my casting call,
New characters will be added to my story,
It will look and sound different,
God will enlarge my stage,
He will send something new,
And when a hurt occurs, cause man will fail me,
I will trust again as God never fails.

Am I ready?
Are you ready?
Are you going to stand on your own two feet and believe that the freedom you now have will stay?

Then take your place  - God knows you are !
So go now and make a sequel to your former life...take your place on God's center stage!

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