Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Expecting #28 - IDOLS

 God is so perfect.  As I have stated, the Holy Spirit gave me 7 topics with which to blog about right after the Encounter Weekend.  And When God commissions one to do something, I know that I know - HE provides EACH and every piece and provision.

So, yesterday, when HE knew my time would be limited -- HE has Lisa Bevere post this on Instagram which I did a snapshot of.

Volleyball game, first day after a 3 day holiday, and the 'second' academic week of school had my mind in a flurry.  Last night as I ate some dinner, I marveled and thanked God on how creative and faithful HE was.  However....I was unable to get this posted last night ( Tuesday ) because of my own 'idol'.

"PROCRASTINATION"....sometimes this is still like a thorn in my side.  I won't share what I HAD to get done first and 'then' I could blog....but, I  knew that when my husband headed to bed - the computer time was DONE.

Again, God is faithful and the Holy Spirit has such a gentle way to correct me when I need it.

So, Idols........

I know for FAR TOO LONG....many things were my idol.  When Lisa mentioned affirmation as an idol....check.
When Lisa mentioned  strength....check.
When Lisa mentioned popular opinion....check.
When Lisa mentioned our husbands ....double check.

No need to get all into it - as if you know me, I have written about this before.  Heck, this 'blog' can even become an idol if I am not careful....

Where do I get my strength from? God.
Where do I draw my attention to?

Where do I GIVE my strength to? ....God.
But I am thankful that when and if... ( as I know I am not perfect ) I get out of balance again -- I can go right back to my Savior and seek HIM for the proper balance.

Many of the women that went to the Encounter -- need to get rid of idols within their hearts.  Many of them ( like me ) have placed a human...a man, a husband, or a boyfriend where Jesus needs to be.

As I pray today, I pray that each of those women, and anyone reading this, will SEEK God and ask - WHAT do I draw my strength from?
WHAT do I give my strength to?

Lord, I pray for this blog, that it will be received with its intended help another SEE what is an idol within her heart....and God I pray that she or he -- makes it right with you and from this point on, YOU will be their IDOL.  In Jesus name, AMen.

 Homework:  Reflect today -- Lord, what have I placed as an idol above you?  Could it be my children?  Could it be my past?  Could it be my work.... ?

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  1. Thank you for your inspiration! For 32 days I have been in fervent prayer. Some days completely begging God to deliver me from my trial. For hours He and I are in conversation. I am trying to debate the way I want things to me. He keeps telling me to be still but my controlling nature in an immediate gratification world have me begging for relief now. But I must release my "idol". To even type it gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Releasing. Let go of the hold. Trying, Lord. Thank you, Michelle, for being so transparent and encouraging!


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