Thursday, September 4, 2014

Expecting #30 -- Growing UP in HIM.

Again, I have to marvel at HOW perfectly God works ...orchestrates...and blesses.  Within this 40 days of prayer, I was given 7 topics to write about this past week.  The last one .... growing up in HIM..... was the EXACT topic or word that Ps. D spoke about LAST night at church.


I am just smiling ear to ear -- as when he preached last night- I took almost 6 pages of notes with the intention to  USE on this blog.  As I took notes, and posted a Facebook status or two... I just thanked God for making my LIFE - SO much easier.  The Holy Spirit not only gave me the topics...but another gives me the WORDS to place on the blog.

However, as I sat this eve and looked over my notes from church last night....

This is WHAT is coming.

The time is near -- repent, forgive, and know...that I am coming soon.    That word was given to us at the Encounter Weekend.  WAtch the news and see what is transpiring over seas and if you don't believe that we are in the LAST days -- you are sadly mistaken. matter if there is 2 days before the Rapture...or another 200, or even 20,000... it is time to GROW up in HIM.

WE must move beyond our 'baby - ness'.
We must grow up within our knowledge of HIM.
We must grow up in our faith in HIM.
And we must just grow up --  simply....  Grow.

How do we do that - ?

SEEK HIM and call upon HIM and allow HIM control within you life.
 Allow HIM to be the head -- walk with HIM and rely on HIM.

Simple right?

There are so many 'baby' Christians around ...that are just being fed on what they get each week at church and they are not growing....  could they be left behind?

Funny how that movie is coming very soon.

The time is short.
Figure out HOW to grow in HIM.

We can't rely on our parents covering or a walk down that aisle many years ago.... that scripture - written to believers where it says, "I  never knew you" referring to  that day when we will ALL bend a knee before God -- and what will He say?

The other night -- I was watching Dallas.  Don't judge me - I grew up on Dallas as a teen and then watched it weekly in college.  TNT has brought back the next generation of Dallas peeps and it is a show -- that is not the point.  The point that I wanted to make was this:  There was a scene where this one guy was about to be shot and the 'killer' or the man who told the bad guy to kill him says:

"tell Nicholas ( papa ) that I said hello"     ...  He was implying that their papa was in heaven.
To which the man, going to be killed, said:  "I won't be going to heaven, I will be going to hell, but I will save  you a place".  And then the paid killer shoots him.

I sat there and much 'christian' stuff is on TV and is censored and all...and yet, with that SIMPLE scene.... they acknowledged hell.  That man ( and because of his behaviors ) knew he was going to hell.

To me -- it spoke volumes.   To me....I felt a Christian writer in Hollywood decided to make a statement.  
There really is only two choices...heaven or hell.

I pray that as we GROW in HIM....we help with the harvest and the great commission -- to bring souls into the knowledge and love of Christ.

It is time to grow up -- period.
Get Pastor's D's message on audio CD to hear it stated in another way -- or I will get you a copy of you message me....

But it is time to GROW up!

Lord, that we grow up - period - end of story -- God I pray....that if we are not growing...we are OPEN to the fact that Your Holy Spirit is telling us that and then...that we would change and Jesus name, Amen.

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