Monday, November 30, 2015

Getting Ready -- Desperate prayers - #15

God knows how I was created -- from dust.  And to dust I will return.  I really can't do anything - without HIM.

2 Peter 5.7 says..CAST all cares upon the Lord and He will sustain you -- HE will never let the righteous fall.  

I wrote several blogs last week, as I was on vacation and spending more time with the Lord in conversations.  This weekend.... started again and I am back into the routine----

---where I carve out time for God -- but work and life gets a hold of me.  

On Saturday, a dear sister in Christ stated something and today -- the Lord, has reminded me of that statement over and over.

She said..."well, I am just praying and if it all goes pa-hooey....and it becomes a mess -- it is God's mess and HE will fix it".  

I have thought and thought about that statement all weekend.  I am amazed by God daily and then, when I think longer, I catch myself saying..."really???  Am  I (you) really surprised by God?".

God does tremendous and crazy things.  God is unbelievable at times....and yet -- SO believable.

I am getting ready.  For the past 12 weeks, an event has been on my mind.  I have planned, gathered with fellow sisters in Christ to plan, and I have prayed and prayed and prayed....and now -- I am 4 days away ------

I won't go into details, but this weekend is my 5th  Women's Encounter Weekend where a group of ladies and myself will travel and seek God to orchestrate a spectacular weekend for 23 women -- that are seeking God.....asking for complete freedom from past hurts and so forth and they too have been preparing for their Encounter with Our Lord.

I am completely humbled by WHAT God does on these weekends and it creates such a Jesus High in me -- that when I finish with mind begins to plan the next.    It is ALL GOD.

Anyway, as I walk out these last few days of details and checking my 'list'...I pray and spend quite a bit of time  fasting some things and spending extra time within God's Word.  I also check and recheck my head and heart and ask the Lord to show me any ....any....any..unforgiveness or unrighteousness..... or anything.  If I don't have a 'clear' conscience and link to can I look in the eyes of another and tell her ----   God will.....

And then I think of what my sweet friend says......"well, I am just praying and if it all goes pa-hooey....and it becomes a mess -- it is God's mess and HE will fix it".  

This is God's weekend and YES....if it all falls into a mess -- God will fix it.  I trust God.  I trust our planning and our prep -- I trust the leadership team joining me....

What I don't trust - is Satan -- and he won't rest and will throw every dart possible and he will do anything to steal, kill, or destroy.  He distracts... He lies.... and he still thinks - he has a chance.  

So -- with that --   

I will pray this eve -- and include in my prayers --  everything......   

Lord -- I have released the people/couples we have been praying with ..... I have released the spoken and unspoken requests I have voiced and written in my journal.  I have asked...begged...and reminded You of certain requests... and I have looked and looked at my list.....

As You KNOW Lord -- I am hopeless and unable to do anything -- unless YOU are in it...and unless YOU are with it.  Lord -- take over.  

Lord, if everything falls apart... Fix it.  

Lord, I ask you send 25,000 extra angels to surround those women traveling to Titusville on Friday - protect them and don't allow Satan to distract them.  Lord, I pray all 40 will be there -- as YOU do great things with the number 40 -- but I have trust in You.  

Lord, for the women reading this -- following the Desperate Prayers I have been writing and following the Prayers for Marriage as well...... HOPE -- give them HOPE.  

Lord --  I have CAST all my cares upon You.  However Lord, before I finish -- I am being a bit 'needy'....  I want to thank you for the blessing of today's  "bone"......

( I will ask God to send me a bone -- or a sign to know that HE still thinks I am blessed and highly favored.  I get that expression from a sweet woman - named Carlie )  

So anyway Lord.... thank you for my bone today -- and Lord, I will need another tomorrow and one on Wednesday as well ........  As I am standing in the gap and believing this weekend will indeed be a Jesus HIGH...but my flesh proves weak at times.  And according to Your Word - YOU know I am made of dust....  you know I am human..... so - make me supernatural this week...pump me UP with YOUR confidence....YOUR patience...YOUR passion....and YOUR compassion.  

I need your compassion.  
"well, I am just praying and if it all goes pa-hooey....and it becomes a mess -- it is God's mess and HE will fix it".  

Lord, thank you for fixing our messes.  Even the future ones I will make.  IN Jesus name!  

This is one of my sweet friends and woman of God--a fellow sojourners who believes in the power of His Word.  She is someone you want on YOUR side - always.   And if there is a mess -- we will watch it together!  

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