Thursday, November 12, 2015

Prayer for a marriage -- #9

This prayer can be for 'him' too...but today I am focusing on the women.

God wants to remind us - HE is strong. And HE created His daughters to be strong!
With God's word as our SWORD - there is nothing the enemy can do to knock us off course in prayer for our men.  BUT....we can be swayed if we don't hunker down and stick to it.

I was caught off guard.
However, I quickly figured out what to do -- well, maybe not quickly...I faltered a lot  and I kept taking our problems back away from HIS cross and finally -- after much time and continued hurt - I got to a place where I just could not 'deal' with anything anymore and I believe at that moment - I was finally broken and willing to do whatever it took wait and to be a vigilant prayer warrior for my marriage.

I had to believe in something that I did not see.
I had to have faith and trust God.
That is really HARD to comprehend as I have mentioned this before - I really thought I had it figured out and I really did believe I trusted God - but I only trusted Him as much as I could at that time.

God wanted me at a higher level with Him -- He wants to use me.  He is using me.

So this prayer is for the women  who are trying to hang in there -- they are praying for something they don't see....they want their marriage, and want God to do a great work within their husbands.

This prayer is for the wife that has a pretty good marriage but her husband is not the spiritual head that God has called him to be --

This prayer is for the wife that wants her husband to sit next to her at church --

This prayer is for the wife than wants to give up --

Lord God, I pray they will dream...I pray they will dream big enough to fight.  God I pray that the women /wife reading this is broken enough to place ALL pride aside and place anything that is hindering her relationship with YOU....aside...God I pray she will confess it and deal with it - as nothing can be between her and you....And then Lord.....I know  You have already placed a dream and a desire within her heart and her head.....she knows what she would like. 


Lord,  she wants a man that longs to be close to You.  

Lord,  she wants a man that lives within his bible and seeks and searches Your Words. 

 And then Lord....he will be that man that will love her - unconditionally. 

 Lord, then he can be the one that will meet the needs, comfort the broken heart and....rear the children as a team ..with her. 

She needs him Lord -- the children need, I pray Lord that they won't give up...that they will fight past what the 'see' and just believe that IT can be possible....


Lord for the wife that just wants him to notice -- and then, that he would want to attend church with her ---  She longs to worship along side of him. 


Oh God, I sit here today as I know, I gave you a list of what I wanted....and  you Lord,  my God --  You have fulfilled most of those 'wishes'...but only after You did a work on a heart....for the heart work the eyes, speak to him - and in the mean time, may these wives just wait on you and remember that you are not asleep -- but fighting in every area --as You are a good God and want YOUR best for each of them.  Amen. 

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